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Latest Briefing: University of Arizona & SETI:
Wednesday, 7:23 AM, April 18, 2012

The Blair Cuspids & Search for ETI on the Moon
Fran Ridge:

Four months ago professor Paul Davies, University of Arizona, announced his team's search for evidence of ETI on the Moon, suggesting the search in the high-res Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter images. One source describing this endeavor, Arizona Geology, used an image of the Blair Cuspids as an example of what they might be looking for.

The Lunascan Project team and VGL re-discovered the "lost" BC images in 1995 and then located another image from the Lunar Orbiter 2 footprint, allowing a 3-dimensional view.

Mark Carlotto presented his evaluation in his New Frontiers of Science paper.

In 2004, I contacted TransOrbital and provided an Aereadaeus Mission plan to do a flyover of the area, but the ambitious and long-awaited barn-storming live mission never got off the ground. They had the spacecraft and imaging equipment but were unable to get a U.S. clearance to launch or an OK to launch from a Russian vehicle.

However, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter was able to accomplish what TransOrbital set out to do in much the same way. It is time to pool and coordinate our efforts to search and scrutinize the LRO images. About 1/4th of the Moon has already been imaged by LRO.
The Blair Cuspids are located at 5.1 N lat, 15.5 E long. Using LRO's zoomable moon page Ned Haskin tried to locate the BC area.

I have notified Lan Fleming of VGL and hope he is able to get his team on this search for LRO images of the BC's, also.

There are others who have a head start on lunar image studies, one of which is Alexey Archipov.

Our Lunascan Project imaging team will continue to conduct comprehensive lunar scanning, looking for "uncorrelated targets", "fast walkers", and other anomalous features, meteorite impacts (on the dark side), while our other team members look for anomalous features and evidence for ETI in the LRO and other mission files. The latter will include close contact with Lan Fleming and VGL, Dr. Mark Carlotto, Dr. Paul Davies' group and Dr. Alexey Arkhipov.

Anyone wishing to take part in the search and/or email discussions should contact me at

Francis Ridge
The Lunascan Project Coordinator boulder