The Lunascan Project

Target 44-01:     Mission: Alphonsus
A Proposal For A TransOrbital Trailblazer
in Section 44, Lunar Nearside

February 23, 2004
Francis L. Ridge
Coordinator, The Lunascan Project

Today's L.P.T.I.T. Briefing

Target 44-01:    Mission: Alphonsus

1. Lunar Section Directory:
2. Rukl Section Chart:
3. Lunar Orbiter Data and Imagary:
4. Optimum EBTI (Earth Based Telescopic Images):
5. Report (which may include items 6-8):
6. Apollo Metric Camera Imagary:
7. Clementine Imagary:
8. Other:

For the full story on the target area and the plans for future Moon missions, see links below.

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Francis Ridge
The Lunascan Project