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Updated, June 30, 2023

Greetings Everyone,

It has been two years since this page was updated. A lot has happened since then, especially due to the success of the MADAR Project which has consumed most of my time. So I thought it would be appropriate to list our main successes so that they don't get lost in all the clutter of research during our over 20 year mission involving over a hundred lunar scanning sessions. Our initial major research projects are listed below:

1)  It has been seven (7) years this month in 2016 that I almost fell out of my chair with the discovery of objects on the lunar far side on NASA images at Paracelsus C I had seen and studied lunar "towers" before. In fact, item 3 was my first experience with them . I had been studying a more recent submittal from a colleague, Ananda Sirisena, of apparent dark "towers" in some Apollo 15 images from 1971. But when I used the coordinates to look at more recent high-res LRO images, I was so impressed I was on the phone with other researchers most of the night and for the next few days. We consumed 5-6 months on the study and brought in Marc Carlotto to produce our report which we submitted to LRO's Dr. Paul Davies, who had suggested we all look at the new LRO images in search for alien artifacts. NASA ignored our report.

2) 1995 - the beginning of real research into the mystery of the famous "Blair Cuspids". We wouldn't have been able to touch this without the help of Lan Fleming and his VGL Group. Our conclusions were that the "Blair Cuspids" were anomalous and NASA should go there and take a closer look, either with an unmanned or a manned mission. In 2001 Marc Carlotto did a 3-D analysis and he pretty much came to the same conclusions. In 2012, I put out a briefing paper but in 2016 my team opened up a new investigation utilizing the new, higher res images of the new LRO (Lunar Reconnaisance Orbiter). At the time I had a good rapport with NASA and I almost agreed with their explanation. Until NASA ignored some major findings.

2) 1996 - the imaging of a potential  unidentified lunar orbiter and the latest information regarding our imaging of U092196 was presented in an issue of the Debrief - "What's that Orbiting the Moon?". This was a very exciting discovery by The Lunascan Project during one of its early scanning missions with the massive 16"  f/4.5 telescope. Skeptics tried very hard to explain the object as a star near the lunar limb, but that explanation failed very easily since not even a planet or any bright star had ever been filmed by the project, near the lunar limb with this mighty "light bucket". Later this month, Duncan Lunan, a British author with emphasis on astronomy, spaceflight and science fiction mentioned my work. In the 1970's he wrote about a possible space probe orbiting around the Moon which brought him international notice. He recently mentioned my work on the Blair Cuspids and the artifacts at Paracelsus at more-lunar-anomalies-part-1/  .

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