Did We Go To The Moon?
Francis Ridge

"The giant moon rocket had not reached the launch pad until 1969, and its first and three subsequent launches ended in catastrophic failures, revealing serious technical flaws in the design of the booster. The program was finally abandoned in 1974 and its leader Vasily Mishin ousted as a head of the industrial conglomerate responsible for the project."

So says Russianspaceweb.com at


There are many facts that support the truth about our manned Apollo flights to the Moon, and tons of unsupported assertions that we did not. I'll let Robert Myers & Robert Pearlman go into some detail. And after that, Mike Bara has four fine and very detailed papers that will completely destroy any doubt that we went to the Moon with manned missions . The biggest flaw in the Moon Hoax Theory, to me, is the fact that the Russians were not able to go there, and they had the means to monitor and study all of our Apollo flights. Any hoax by NASA or anyone else would have most assuredly been exposed at the outset. If that's not enough to convince you, then read on.

Hoaxed Moon Landings? The Truth Behind NASA"s Apollo Program - Robert Myers, Multimedia Producer and Robert Pearlman, Communities Producer

Who Mourns For Apollo? Was It Really Only a Paper Moon? - Mike Bara