Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 13:38:46 -0800 (PST)
From: Christopher Nuzzi <>
Reply-To:  <>
Subject: "Fastwalker" sighting
X-Mailer: Excite Inbox

Dear Mr. Ridge,

I heard your archived Art Bell Show appearance, and I am happy to know that
someone is investigating fastwalkers and TLPs. I myself had a fastwalker
sighting a number of years ago. I reported it to the National UFO Reporting
Center, and what follows is a copy of what I sent to them:

While viewing the full moon through my Tele Vue Genesis-sdf refractor
telescope, I saw a small, perfectly round, black object pass
over the lunar disk. The object took approximately 10 to 15 seconds to make
the transit. The object was in sharp focus, not fuzzy
at all. The moon was also in focus at the time. It appeared as if out of
nowhere on the eastern edge of the moon, travelled across
the moon's face from east to west, then disappeared into the black sky at
the moon's western edge. I looked to see if it was visible
with the naked eye after it had passed the moon, but it was not. I do not
recall exactly which eyepiece I was using at the time, but I
am sure the magnification was somewhere in the 30x to 60x range. I am
currently 34, and I have been an amateur astronomer ever
since receiving my first telescope at age 7. I am thoroughly familiar with
the night sky, and I have perfect vision.

This occurred on or about 5/11/94, from my front porch. I was living in
Brooklyn at the time. I have just moved to Staten Island after spending a
few years in Manhattan, so I will be observing more often again. I'll let
you know if I see anything else.

P.S. - NUFORC's online database also includes a fastwalker sighting from the
Bronx, which was videotaped. That was what prompted me to report my
sighting. Perhaps you could get in touch with the gentleman from the Bronx
and ask him to send you a copy of his videotape.


Christopher Nuzzi