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Fast Walker Observed From Phoenix, Arizona
On June 17, 1997, an unidentified object passed across Joe Pitonzo's field of view as he observed the Moon via his 8" SCT (Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope). The following is a diagram and a detailed testimonial of Pitonzo's lunar observation as communicated to Francis Ridge, Coordinator of The Lunascan Project.



I am writing you as per our phone conversation to report an observation of events and objects I observed on 6/17/97 at approximately 9:30 PM as I observed the moon through an 8"   Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. I was using a 7.5mm eyepiece with a 2X Barlow at the time of the   observation.

I am located in Phoenix AZ at approximately 33degs 18 min N Lat. and 112deg 2min W Long.

The Moon was located approxamatly at -15deg from my location in a S-SE direction. It was not quite full (3-4 days till full).

I observed 4 objects at 11 o'clock in relationship to the inverted image of the moon. They were in   motion, speed unknown but very fast I would estimate. The course of travel (as opposed to trajectory) was from 11 to 4 o'clock in the reverse orientation in the scope. They appeared perfectly spherical with a backlighting reflected from the lunar glow at about 11o'clock on the spheres. I would estimate that they were located in such a place as to not be front lit by the sun and not close enough to cast a lunar shadow. As they travelled they changed order or formation repeatedly if a group of teenagers in a mall, had decided to get a pop at the other end of the mall and were hurrying as a group but without a formation..weaving about one another. The back lighting from the moon remained consistent as did their apparent spherical shape. As a group there were 2, perhaps 3  "course" changes. Formation was random as was the distance to each other in the "close" grouping.

The only time I stopped observing them in the 1 to 1.5 min observation was to blink several times. I have enclosed a simulation picture which demonstrates the event.

Please feel free to distribute or disemminate this information to the pursuit of further investigating this observation. Agencies may contact me as required. My name may be published along with my email address to the general public. Please only give my street address and phone number to legitimate agencies. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any further assistance.


Joe Pitonzo
Phoenix, AZ


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