Lunar Imaging Module & Observatory

Lunar Imaging Module & Observatory (6'x10')

Open rear door view

Open side door view 

Telescope, mount with DOB Driver II control system

DOB Driver II guidance computer & yoke turret 

  Rack System, left side of Main Console
(Top to bottom) Sennheiser wireless receiver (WWV feed), VHS1 Quad recorder, Quad Processor, DVR1 Quad select recorder, VHS2 Cam 3 recorder.

(L-R: Monitor #1 CRT (Quad), Monitor #2 (Quad Select), Monitor #3 (Graphics or LPI Cam),
Monitor 4, 40" LCD Main (SSI Cam)

Front Right, Rack System 2, VCR3 (findercam recorder) & VCR4 (cabcam recorder)

Findercam B w/crosshairs

Digital-to-Analog Converters (2)

Audio/video amp board

Quad view on Monitor #1 CRT.  Findercam, CabCam, VGA (or  Skyglobe), and SSI cam views.


Scantime VMA Graphics from Computer 2


(Left) Computer for SSI camera.  (Right) Computer for VMA Graphics & LPI back-up camera

Francis Ridge
Coordinator, The Lunascan Project