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The eastern part of Mare Serenitatis is intersected in many places by wrinkle ridges, the largest of which approximately follows the line of the meridian 25-degrees E and has a serpentine shape (formerly called Serpentine Ridge). The edge of Mare Serenitatis has a dark border and a series of shallow rilles. The summit of Posidonius Gamma (old name) has a crater pit 2 km in diameter. Refer to your Antonin Rukl Lunar Atlas chart, page 75.
Rukl zone map page. (Credit: wikispaces)

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(Sources, including EBTA images)

Abetti, 7 km
Al-bakri, 12 km
Auwers, 20 km
Bessel, 16 km
Borel, 5 km
Brackett, 9 km
Dawes, 18 km
Deseilligny, 6.6 km
Finsch, 4 km
Plinius, 43 km
Sarabhai, 7.6 km
Tacquet, 6.9 km
Very, 5.1 km

Lunar Orbiter Database|0 (Bessel)|0 (Dawes)|0 (Plinius)

Landing Sites Map (Bessel) (Dawes) (Plinius)

LRO Images:
See reports and images below. *

See below.

LUNAR FLYOVERS: (KAGUYA taking "Mare Serenitatis (Ariadaeus)" by HDTV

Research Updates: 
LeMonnier (Lunascan)
Dorsa Smirnov & Posidonius (Lunascan) (LRO, Lava Flows Exposed in Bessel CrateR) * (Lunar features seen by LRO) * (Dawes by LRO) * (Report) (GLR, An Anomaly in Mare Serenitatis)
AS15-9309(P) - Sinuosus rille in eastern Mare Serenitatis (SP-362, 183)
AS15-9328(P) - Awesome close-up of Bessel in Mare Serenitatis (SP-362)
AS17-2334(P) - Crater in S. Mare Serenitatis is juncture between basalt units (SP-362,227)
AS15-9874(P) - Vertical view of Dawes (SP-362)
AS17-2321(P) - Crater chain in Mare Serenitatis (SP-362)
AS15-9337(P) - Incomplete ray pattern of crater in Mare Serenitatis (SP-362)
AS17-2335(P) - Oblique view of a 4-km crater in central Serenitatis (SP-362,228)
AS15-9301(P) - Topography-affected crater near Apollo 17 site (SP-362)
AS17-2317(P) - Volcanic cones on SE margin of M. Serenitatis (SP-362)
AS15-9361(P) - Fig. 82 - Intersecting ridges near W. edge of Mare Serenitatais (SP-362)
AS15-9361(P) - Fig. 226 - Rimless depressions in mare Serenitatis (SP-362,214)
AS15-9361(P) - Fig. 227 - Close-up of Aratus D in W. Mare Serenitatis (SP-362,215)
AS17-0939(M) - Fig. 74 - Oblique View of Apollo 17 Site (SP-362)
AS17-2313(P) - Fig. 75 - Close-up of rille in Mare Serenitatis (SP-362)
AS17-2313(P) - Fig. 76 - Close-up of ridge near Apollo 17 site (SP-362)
AS17-2313(P) - Fig. 77 - Close-up of another ridge in Mare Serenitatis (SP-362)
AS17-2313(P) - Fig. 220 - Freshest & youngest  fractures are in Littrow area (SP-362,208)
AS17-2313(P) - Fig. 221 - Detailed view of mare surface near E. Mare Serenitatis (SP-362,209)
AS15-9298(P) - Fig. 78 - Close-up of  scarp in M. Serenitatis near Apollo 17 site (SP-362)
AS17-2313(P) - Fig. 79 - Blow-up of lunar ridge near Apollo 17 site (SP-362)
AS17-2314(P) - Fig. 80 - Stereo view of mare ridge and Apollo 17 site (SP-362)
AS17-2309(P) - Fig. 81 - Close-up of ridge from AS17-2314(P) (SP-362)
AS17-150-23069(H) Plinius Rilles in Mare Serenitatis (SP-362)
AS17-0808(M) and others in mosaic of Mare Serenitatis (SP-362)
AS15-9299(P) Lunokhod near Le Monnier (SP-362)
AS15-9328(P) Bessel (SP-362)
AS17-0940(M) View of Mare Serenitatis and Apollo 17 site (SP-362)

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