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The largest lunar mountain range, the Apennines, and the prominent crater Archimedes dominate this part of the Moon close to the prime meridian. It was at the foot of the Apennines, close to Rima Hadley, that the Apollo 15 expedition landed.  Refer to your Antonin Rukl lunar atlas chart, page 71.

Image - Apennines, Sunrise on  (Roles)
Image - Apennines, mosaic (Poyet)
Image - Apennine Mountain Range, (Legault)
Image - Apennine Mountain Range, MPS view (Cazard)
Image - Apennine Mountains (Jomo)
Image - Archimedes (Fattinnanzi) Newton 200 f6, Phillips vesta-pro webcam
Image - Archimedes (Ferreira)
Image - Archimedes (Genovese)
Image - Archimedes (Massey)
Image - Archimedes (Cidadao)
Image - Bradley, Mons
Image - Eratosthenes & the Apennines (Dittmer)
Image -
Palus Putredinis (Poyet)
Image - Rimae Hadley (Genovese)
Image - Rimae Hadley (Cidadao)

Image - Rimae Hadley, #1 looking SE (Therin)
Image - Rimae Hadley 2 (Therin)
Image - Rimae Hadley 3 (Therin)

Lunar Orbiter Database
Ampere, Mons
Apenninus, Montes
Aratus, 10.6 km
Archimedes, 83 km
Archimedes, Montes
Archimedes, Rimae
Bancroft, 13.1 km
Bela, 11x2 km
Bradley, Mons
Bradley, Rimae
Conon, 22 km
Conon, Rimae
Felicitatis, Lacus
Fidel, Sinus
Fresnel, Promontorium
Fresnel, Rimae
Galen, 10 km
Hadley, Mons
Hadley Delta, Mons
Hadley, Rimae
Huxley, 4 km
Huygens, Mons
Marco Polo, 28x21 km  
Putredinus, Palus
Santos-Dumont, 9 km
Spurr, 13 km
Yangel', 9 km

Apollo 15 Image List

Image - Clementine mosaic of Archimedes

RESEARCH UPDATES: (GLR, Unclassified Dome In Archimedes)
AS15-1135(M) - Great Metric Camera image of Apollo 15 site (SP-362,193)
AS15-11720(H) - Close-up of Apollo 15 site (SP-362,195)
AS15-9432(P) - Close-up of Hadley Rille south of AS15-11720 (SP-360,196)
AS15-9816(P) - Part of Hadley Rille far south of landing site (SP-362,197)
AS15-9350(P) - Spearhead-shaped depression in Hadley Rille (SP-362,212)
AS17-1674(M) Mare Vaporum and Conon Rille (SP-362)
AS15-9368(P) - Rima Fresnel parallels the Apennines (SP-362,207)
Another Nail in The "Moon Hoax" Coffin (Mike Bara)
AS15-1537(M) Apollo 15 landing site (SP-362)
AS17-2433(M) SE Imbrium basin (SP-362)
AS17-1828(M) Montes Apenninis (SP-362)
AS15-9355(P) Head of rille near Apollo 15 site (SP-362)
Apennine Mountains (Lunascan)
Moon Shot - Apollo 15 (Lunascan)
Hadley Rille & St. George Crater (Apollo Over The Moon, 195/Lunascan)
Earth's Moon - Apollo 15 (NASA)
Apollo 15 Landing Site Overview (NASA)
Orbital Views of the Apollo 15 Landing Site (NASA)
NASA Photo Directory - Apollo 15 Images (NASA)
Archimedes Crater (Drexel EDU)
Viewing the Apollo Landing Sites (
The Moon - Lunar Orbiter 5 - Hadley Rille - Med Res (NASA)
The Moon - Lunar Orbiter 5 - Hadley Rille - High Res (NASA)
Hoagland's "Hamburger Arch" (Ted Philips)
Archimedes Platform  (Lunascan/David O'Darling)    

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