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September 1, 2018

Greetings, Everyone!
NASA’s goal of returning to the moon should see a major push in early 2019, when the agency awards its first contract for the lunar “Gateway” program. The Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway is NASA’s planned “staging” area intended for studies of the moon and the deep-space environment. Eventually, it will function as a way station for astronauts traveling to and from Mars. NASA’s first spending for the platform will be for power and propulsion elements early next year, followed by habitation components, Associate Administrator William Gerstenmaier stated recently at the Space Symposium conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They will probably be launched moonward, in that order, starting in 2022. With Gateway we just might have our RIPTILA dream come true. (See RIPTILA Mission link on Home Page)

Last October we moved from our previous location at Mt. Vernon, Indiana to Newburgh, Indianan (about 30 mi further east) but our phone number has also been changed. And with that we also had to create a new website since the older one was no longer being funded by the same parties.

Scanning LRO images, in particular the back side of the moon, is scheduled to resume in September.

If you have been reading the reports of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter team the last few years you know very well that anything of interest found in the LRO images has been played to the hilt to continually support and promote the NASA effort and future programs. They haven't missed anything. At least not until we discovered the structures (natural or artificial) on the lunar Far Side at Paracelsus C! Not only are reports conspicuously absent, but NASA contacts we have successfully used throughout the years have not even acknowledged receiving our paper or passed on comments of any kind.  So far,

4180 scientists and other researchers have read our paper and over 57,500 people have seen the analysis video. This tells us that Paracelsus C has struck a nerve at NASA and it is imperative that we continue to look more for even more compelling artifacts on the moon, especially the back side.

VIDEO: "Image Analysis of Unusual Lunar Structures in Paracelsus C"

PAPER: Analysis paper by Mark Carlotto, Fran Ridge & Ananda Sirisena
Analysis_of_Unusual_Structures_on_the_Far_Side_of_the_Moon_in_the_Crater_Paracelsus (ResearchGate)

Scanning the Moon live and recorded with a telescope and scanning NASA images for anomalous targets is what we are all about. Prior to last year the emphasis was on live scanning, but in 2016 the new findings on some NASA images has taken us into some exciting and fruitful ventures.

Two major projects were completed in 2016:
1) June 2016 - The discovery and initial report on the anomalies in Paracelsus C.
    Nov 2016 - Analysis published in Journal of Space Exploration
    Nov. 29, 2016 - Analysis video produced by Dr. Mark Carlotto, "Unusual Structures on the Far Side of the Moon".
    As of this date 930 researchers have read our paper and over 20,720 YouTube viewers have watched our video analysis!

Unusual Structures on the Far Side of the Moon

2) The final report on the Blair Cuspids
50 Years Later LRO Looks At The Blair Cuspids
which includes the analysis video.

3D Analysis of Lunar Spires


2017, An exciting new year!!!

Jan 3
3D Views of Sinkholes & Skylights on the Moon

Sinkholes and Skylights on the Moon

Jan 4
Lunascan Project began new fact-checking and re-researching Richard Hoagland's claim of a "Shard" in Section 33, Near Side. No formal report written.
Jan 13
Mark Carlotto's analysis:

The Shard

Jan 16
NASA report suggests cratering more intense than previous thought.

Jan 18
Mark Carlotto's analysis video "A Bridge at the Edge of the Sea of Crisis."

A Bridge at the Edge of the Sea of Crisis?

which included imaging of a "natural bridge" on the moon, discussed in this NASA/LRO report:

Jan 24
A Closer Look at the Moon: Geometrical features Near Ukert

All overflight videos collected by the Project over the years:

We are still searching for some former colleagues who have not been in the loop for a while and are needed for the present projects. Dr. Mark Carlotto is already onboard, but the VGL group of Lan Fleming, Mike Lomax, John Floyd & Bill Koehler have not been located. Also sought is Alexey Archipov.* If anyone knows the whereabouts or working email addresses of these men please let us know.

Although we still have the equipment to conduct live scanning sessions of the moon, the move to the new location was not beneficial to that project. To our success we had almost a hundred live and recorded sessions.

After getting over 300 researchers involved in our Paracelsus C discovery I began trying to garner interest in RIPTILA and maybe fund a private mission. This would be major step forward in lunar observing and recording since the weather and time of day would be no problem, and anyone could participate without the need of an expensive telescope.

Francis L. Ridge
The Lunascan Project

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